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Monday, November 8, 2010

Life in perspective

Isn't it amazing how fast time flies?  I look at this sweet little boy everyday and wonder what he will look like when he's a teenager, what his voice will sound like when he says the word "Dadda" for the first time, how old he will be when he doesn't want me to kiss him anymore.  Then I stop myself because I want to enjoy and remember these days of sweet giggles, of the way he crosses his feet when he pulls them up while laying on his back, of how crazy he kicks in the bathtub, how excited he gets when I say "chocolate muffins" or "Good morning my shunshine".  This is it.  This is the one time he will be a baby.  Never again will Harper Daniel Kujawski be a 3 month old baby.  We need to cherish each day.  Having said that, every night I pray that he will be blessed with a long fulfilling life, that he will accept Christ at an early age, that he will be the person everyone wants to be friends with, that he will love and respect his parents, and that he will grow up and be thankful for having an amazing childhood.  I need to remember that the foundation starts now.  We are his parents and we need to introduce him to life with Christ.  We need to teach him good social skills and to love people, no matter what their circumstance or where they come from.  We need to lovingly remind him that we are in charge and most (and best) of all, we need to love him.  I feel like I kiss him about 640 times a day!  He is truly a gorgeous gift and I hope he always knows that.

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